General Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 patientS (GASS) score

Respiratory Rate (apm)
paO2/FiO2 ratio
Lymphocytes count (n/mmc)
D-dimer (mcg/ml)
Chronic Kidney Injury (moderate or severe)
estimated Glomerular Filtration (ml/min)
Troponin (ng/ml)
Brain Natriuretic Peptide (pg/ml)
C Reactive Protein (mg/dl)

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The retrospective analyses on 499 patients hospitalized for COVID-19, the GASS score was associated with both in-hospital death and 30-day death (p<0.001). Dividing the population into 3 categories, according to the GASS score, the association with the COVID-19 outcomes remained (p<0.001 for both variables). The Area Under Curve (AUC) generated by the GASS score towards 30-day death was 0.84, predicting this outcome more accurately than the Charlson Comorbidity Index (CCI, 0.74) and similarly to a LASSO-generated predictive model fitted on 151 variables considered (AUC=0.83).

Greco, A. Salatiello, N. Fabbri, A. Passaro. "Early Prediction of COVID-19 Outcome: Contrasting Clinical Scores and Computational Intelligence Methods". Book title "Understanding Covid-19: The Role of Computational Intelligence" (Book Chapter).