author = {Marco Alberti and Evelina Lamma},
  title = {Synthesis of Object Models from Partial Models: a {CSP} Perspective},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the Fifteenth European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2002)},
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  editor = {Frank van Harmelen},
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  month = {July},
  publisher = {IOS Press},
  abstract = {In this work we present an approach for the synthesis of object models
(expressed as Constraint Satisfaction Problems, CSPs) from views or
partial models (expressed, in their turn, as CSPs as well).

The approach we propose is general enough to consider different types
of features and relationships in the views. This is achieved by
introducing the notion of model representation, where features,
relationships and their domains are expressed. The (complete) model
can be synthesized through a proper algorithm, which provides a
albeling between the (complete) model and the partial models'
components.  The generated CSP representing the synthesized model must
satisfy (or, better, entail) any constraint among features and any
relationship occurring in each partial model. 

The framework is applied for synthesizing object models (i.e., CSP
descriptions).  We provide two basic approaches for synthesizing a
minimal or a correct model, and we experiment them by considering some
case studies in artificial vision.},
  isbn = { 978-1-58603-257-9}

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