author = {Marco Alberti and  Anna Ciampolini and Marco Gavanelli 
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  isbn = {3-540-40450-3},
  abstract = { In most proposals for multi-agent systems, an Agent Communication
  Language (ACL) is the formalism designed to express knowledge
  exchange among agents. However, a universally accepted standard for
  ACLs is still missing. Among the different approaches to the
  definition of ACL semantics, the \textit{social} approach seems the
  most appropriate to express semantics of communication in open
  societies of autonomous and heterogeneous agents.
  In this paper we propose a formalism (\textit{deontic constraints})
  to express social ACL semantics, which can be grounded on a
  computational logic framework, thus allowing automatic verification
  of compliance by means of appropriate proof procedures. We also show
  how several common communication performatives can be defined by
  means of deontic constraints.}
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  abstract = {The focus of this work is on the interactions among (possibly
  heterogeneous) agents that form an open society, and on the
  definition of a computational logic-based architecture for agent
  interaction. We propose a model where the society defines the
  allowed interaction protocols, which determine the ``socially''
  allowed agent interaction patterns. The semantics of protocols can
  be defined by means of social integrity constraints.  The main
  advantages of this approach are in the design of societies of
  agents, and in the possibility to detect undesirable behavior. In
  the paper, we present the model for societies ruled by protocols
  expressed as integrity constraints, and its declarative semantics. A
  sketch of the operational counterpart is also given.}

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