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Elena Bellodi

Elena Bellodi's photo
Associate Professor
DE: Department of Engineering, University of Ferrara,
Blocco A, Polo Scientifico Tecnologico
Via Saragat 1, 44122, Ferrara, Italy
Tel: +39 0532 974882 Fax: +39 0532 974882
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Latest Publications
[7] Damiano Azzolini, Elena Bellodi, Stefano Ferilli, Fabrizio Riguzzi, and Riccardo Zese. Abduction with probabilistic logic programming under the distribution semantics. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 142:41--63, 2022. [ bib | DOI | http ]
[6] Damiano Azzolini, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Elena Bellodi, and Evelina Lamma. A probabilistic logic model of lightning network. In Witold Abramowicz, Sören Auer, and Milena Stróżyna, editors, Business Information Systems Workshops, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP), pages 321--333, Cham, Switzerland, 2022. Springer International Publishing. [ bib | DOI | http | .pdf ]
[5] Riccardo Zese, Elena Bellodi, Michele Fraccaroli, Fabrizio Riguzzi, and Evelina Lamma. Neural Networks and Deep Learning Fundamentals, pages 23--42. Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2022. [ bib | DOI | http ]
[4] Fabrizio Riguzzi, Elena Bellodi, Riccardo Zese, Marco Alberti, and Evelina Lamma. Probabilistic inductive constraint logic. Machine Learning, 110:723--754, 2021. [ bib | DOI | .pdf ]
[3] Elena Bellodi, Marco Gavanelli, Riccardo Zese, Evelina Lamma, and Fabrizio Riguzzi. Nonground abductive logic programming with probabilistic integrity constraints. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, 21(5):557--574, © Cambridge University Press, 2021. [ bib | DOI | http | .pdf ]
[2] Elena Bellodi, Riccardo Zese, and Francesco Bertasi. Machine learning in a policy support system for smart tourism management. In Proceedings of the 7th International Online & Onsite Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science - LOD, October 4 – 8, 2021 – Grasmere, Lake District, England – UK, volume In press of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Heidelberg, Germany, 2021. © Springer, Springer Nature. [ bib ]
[1] Riccardo Zese, Elena Bellodi, Chiara Luciani, and Stefano Alvisi. Neural network techniques for detecting intra-domestic water leaks of different magnitude. IEEE Access, 9:126135 -- 126147, 2021. [ bib | DOI | http ]


  • POLIcy Support systEm for smart citY data governancE (POLIS-EYE), 2019-2022, financed by Regione Emilia-Romagna (POR-FESR2014-20): it intends to analyze, together with companies, requirements and data related to the tourism sector to create forecasting and decision-making models integrated into a decision support system, and apply them in the field
  • Green Smart Technology for Water (GST4Water), 2016-2018, financed by Regione Emilia-Romagna (POR-FESR2014-20): it aims at developing innovative solutions towards economical savings and hydro-sustainability by means of ICT technologies that should make citizens informed about water consumption
  • Decision Support System to improve appropriateness of repeated execution of laboratory examinations (2012-2015), financed by the Italian Ministry of Health under the “Ricerca Finalizzata 2010” call . See the following publications: ICHI2014 conference, ICTAI2015 conference, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making Journal (2017)
  • Supercomputing Unified Platform – Emilia-Romagna (SUPER), 2019-2021, financed by Regione Emilia-Romagna (POR-FESR2014-20): it aim to extend the storage and regional computing infrastructure, thanks to the geographical proximity to the major Italian HPC / HTC centers (CINECA and INFN), to support both scientific use cases (genomics, regenerative medicine, biobanks, innovative production systems and advanced materials) and industrial (e-maintenance for industrial machines, predictive maintenance of energy production from sustainable sources, etc., in the context of Industry 4.0).

Organizational and Editorial Activities


  • 2021 “Marco Somalvico” Award sponsored by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA) for the contribution of young Italian researchers (under 37) to the AI field (
  • She was in the winning team of the Probabilistic Track in the international competition of the ILP 2016 conference (Inductive Logic Programming Conference, 4-6 September 2016, London) with the SLIPCOVER software: competition
  • The Ph.D. Thesis won the 2014 Award sponsored by the Italian Association “Gruppo Ricercatori e Utenti di Logic Programming” (GULP) for the best Ph.D. thesis in the field of Computational Logic discussed from December 2011 until May 2014
  • The Ph.D. Thesis won the 2013 “Marco Cadoli” Award sponsored by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA), for the best Ph.D. thesis in the field of AI discussed from January 2012 until May 2013 at an Italian university
  • Best Paper Award for the article BUNDLE: A Reasoner for Probabilistic Ontologies by Riccardo Zese, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Evelina Lamma and Elena Bellodi at the 7th International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR 2013)
  • Highly Commended Paper Award for the article Probabilistic declarative process mining by Elena Bellodi, Fabrizio Riguzzi, and Evelina Lamma at the 4th International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering & Management (KSEM 2010)

Invited Talks

  • Invited speaker at the 20th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA2021) for the “Marco Somalvico” award
  • Invited panelist on “How should LP evolve to become ubiquitous and important in AI (e.g., becoming more user-friendly, integrating with other methodologies, …) and How can LP serve to solve societal problems?” at the 2021 MentorLP Workshop, ICLP 2021
  • Grad School Survival Guide at the 2021 MentorLP Workshop, ICLP 2021
  • Introduction to Probabilistic Logic Programming (Part IPart II), at The Autumn School on Logic and Constraint Programming, ICLP 2020
  • Efficient inference in discrete and continuous domains for PLP languages under the Distribution Semantics, at PLP 2019
  • Invited speaker at the XIII Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIXIA2013, Turin, December 4-6) to present the Ph.D. thesis awarded with the 2013 “Marco Cadoli” Award
  • Invited speaker at the 31st Italian Congress of Computational Logic (CILC 2016, Milan, June 20-22) to present the Ph.D. thesis awarded with the prize for the best PhD thesis in Computational Logic




  • Member of the Interest Group for Data Science in Food Safety Risk Assessment of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) for UNIFE. The technical group brings competences on machine learning, natural language processing and data mining – from September 2021.
  • Member of the Council (“Giunta”) of the Department of Engineering as person in charge for its web site management – from December 2018.