PLP: a brick to build your own starship – PLP 2018


Riccardo Zese
Dipartimento di Ingegneria
Università di Ferrara


When one thinks about what she/he needs to fully represent and work with the domain she/he wants to model, it is not always easy to determine which approach would be the best to use. One could have to cope with uncertainty, different closure assumptions, large amount of data. For these reasons, in the last years, the combination of different technologies has achieved an exponentially increasing attention. Many researchers have focused on the combination of (probabilistic) logic programming with other formalisms, using it as a component to build more powerful approaches, which pave the way to the management of domains that are too complex to handle with the current technologies alone. In this talk, we will take an overview of some of these proposals. Especially, we will focus on the combination of probabilistic logic programming with description logics, to combine both open and closed world assumption.


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